Bubble wrap


ubble wrap available in our offer is a packaging material produced in a process of extrusion from polyethylene granulate. It is one of the best kinds of protective packaging. Its basic advantage is flexibility, amortizing properties and high wear and tear resistance as well as transparency which allows for exposition of protected products. Bubble wrap is watertight, which perfectly protects objects against pollution and moisture. Being one of the most common solutions in the field of protective packaging, bubble wrap is used in various branches of industry: from furniture to electronic and household appliances to glass and ceramics to widely understood Automotive.

Bubble wrap is available in two basic types: with small (dia 10 mm x H 3,5 mm) and large (dia 30 mm x H 9 mm) bubbles, in a wide rage of densities – from very thin (economically attractive) to the thick foil of the highest wear and tear resistance available in both two- and three-ply versions. We sell our products in a form of rolls of widths from 0,3 up to 2,5 m (dia 10 mm) or 2,45 m (dia 30 mm) as well as in sheets, bags or in a form laminated with PE foam or paper. Bubble wrap may be painted and rendered antistatic (for electronics) or UV proof (for garden insulations), according to customer’s request.

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