Polyethylene foam


olyethylene (PE) foam is a material created in a process of foaming of polyethylene with isobutane. It has a closed cell structure which gives it excellent properties. PE foam is water- and steamtight, odor-free, chemically neutral with superb insulation properties. The product is intended for protective packaging as well as for building industry. The products can be divided according to their thickness (0,8 – 12 mm) and density (up to 33 kg/m3).

Currently, PE foam is one of the most frequently used materials for packing and protecting goods. It is used for packing products susceptible to scratches and damage of outer surfaces in furniture, electronics, automotive industry, etc. It may be produced in its clear form or enriched with antistatic additives, pigments or additionaly laminated foils (HDPE, LDPE, bubble wrap, self-sealing foil, metallised foil). We sell it in a form of rolls of widths from 0,1 m up to 1,55 m (depending on thickness). It may be converted into sheets, bags and sleeves.

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