Air fillers are a solution provided by Storopack which comprises various systems. Light, plastic packaging keeps objects safe from any possible damage.

Air cushions are air-filled bags ensuring efficient protection with the lowest possible weigth. Low weight of the cushions reduces transport costs. In addition, the possibility of instant production means that air fillers and air mats require almost no space: the filler does not occupy the storage space, as it is produced in the same place where it is packed.

Air filling systems are the cheapest solution on the market. In comparison with chips and bubble wrap they have indisputable advantages: they render packing process faster and do not occupy any storage space. Foil makes only 2% of the product, 98% is air.

AIRplus® Void
AIRplus® Void foil are air cushions used not only for blocking products but also for fast filling empty spaces. They are irreplaceble in terms of amortization of low and medium weight objects.

AIRplus® Cushion Film are universal and durable air mats produced in the same process as three-ply foil and Void air cushions. Each perforated section of AIRplus® Cushion Film foil is divided into 16 air-filled cells, which renders it flexible and allows for folding and wrapping it around objects, guaranteeing optimal protection and possibility of re-use.

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