Paperplus paper fillers are a solution by Storopack offering a wide range of systems producing paper filling material.

We offer a huge range of machines and paper fillers. The size and weight of the object to be packed is absolutely irrelevant - we will find a product perfectly fit for the task.

Our professionally produced paper fillers may are comparable with squeezed paper. Storopack padding allows for optimal protection of any product, filling all the free space around it. Easy operation of machines for the production of packaging paper allows to save even more time and energy.

PAPERplus® Classic is the most universal packaging product used in boxes. There are two versions of PAPERplus® Classic machine and various sorts of paper to choose. The system enables production of paper mats for various purposes depending on the available space and the desired production efficiency. The standard model of our machine produces paper mats of slightly higher volume which work well in larger boxes. PAPERplus® GE, an optimized model of GE machine, uses narrower paper rolls for the production in order to render packing objects in small and medium size boxes more comfortable.

PAPERplus® Chevron is a revolutionary and innovative solution for package fillers. The machine uses a unique technique combining air and paper – pleating of a paper sleeve, which is patented by Storopack. 10-centimeter tubes ensure maximal filling using minimal quantity of paper. This renders your package light, which allows to make savings in two critical areas.

PAPERplus® Shooter The incredibly fast work of PAPERplus® Shooter is possible due to a special pulling system which unrolls paper from the inside of the roll. Going through the machine, paper is shaped in a form of a mat that is cut to the length chosen by the operator. This system automatically produces multilayered filler of one-ply paper, which makes slow, manual folding and squeezing absolutely unnecessary. This system saves time and cost of material.

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